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Alfie M,  CPO
Royal Navy HMS Caledonia

"Having watched and listened to numerous documentaries on Operation Nimrod, I was eager to hear Rusty Firmin give his day to day account of the Iranian Embassy siege. From start to finish, he had me absorbed throughout his talk and gave more details than any TV documentary I have watched..."

GSEC Enterprises Ltd

Rusty gave a presentation to our course which was well received by our students. All of whom commented on Rusty's professional and enthusiastic delivery of the subject matter Operation Nimrod or better known to many as The Iranian Embassy Siege...

Alan Burns,  Organised Crime Division
West Yorkshire Police

"Rusty Firmin is a legend amongst legends even within the SAS and I have had the privilege to stage numerous events featuring him, in which he detailed his pivotal role within Operation Nimrod - the iconic assault on the Iranian Embassy in 1980.

His presentations are all the more enthralling as they include unrivalled details, the thoughts and feelings of what it is like to storm an "enemy" stronghold and is, as authentic as it comes. His style of presentation is delivered in a manner as compelling as any work of fiction but leaves the audience in no doubt that this is a man who has walked the walk. To put it simply Rusty tells it as it was.

However unlike the Hollywood Blockbusters Rusty's stories are often underpinned with the emotion of a man who has seen death and injury visited upon friends and colleagues. This was never more apparent than at the John McAleese Memorial Event in which Rusty shared many private stories of his best friend. So if you want to hear what it's like to REALLY be in the SAS you need to hear Rusty Firmin, miss him at your peril".

Norman McNarry,  Principal
Fields of Conflict Battlefield Tours

"Rusty Firmins Iranian Embassy PowerPoint siege presentation was a fascinating insight into the truth behind an iconic moment in our history, All tickets were sold for what proved to be a highly enjoyable and informative black tie luncheon in the prestigious Ulster Reform Club, Belfast. Rusty provided us with a professional and personal view of the actions carried out by B Squadron over the six days siege followed by the rare opportunity to question him about that day and life in the SAS much appreciated by all! The afternoon was brought to a close with Rusty signing copies of his nonfiction book Go! Go! Go! The definitive account and with much positive feedback on the afternoon from those present. Due to the great interest both before and after the presentation I am hoping Rusty will consider a repeat performance!"