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Rusty Firmin's Successes & Achievements

Showing Rusty Firmin and all his achievements and success over the past few years. He was born in Carlisle, based in Surrey.

Rusty Firmin has been involved in interviews for example with Piers Morgan, charity events, film premiers and book signings. He has achieved and become successful over the past few years. He keeps up with appearances when he can. Click here to watch Rusty Firmin on ITV This Morning. Read this article, where BBC Wales News take a close look into one of Wales wildernesses and its significance in history on the SAS deaths. Read through the terms and conditions here.

A photo of  the SAS Blue Team leader of the assault to rescue the hostages 5 May 1980 Iranian Embassy Siege.
SAS war veteran Rusty Firmin on deep underground military bases & covert operations in Argentina.
The All or Nothing Podcast with Billy Moore

SAS war veteran Rusty Firmin on deep underground military bases & covert operations in Argentina.

The All or Nothing Podcast with Billy Moore - Episode 81 Rusty Firmin was born in Carlisle in 1950. He joined the Royal Artillery at an early age and was then posted to 49 Field Regiment RA and subsequently to the 29 Commando RA. Getting a taste for commando ops, Rusty passed the SAS gruelling selection and joined B-Squadron 22 (SAS) Regiment in 1977. There were numerous desert training trips to the Middle East, four tours in Northern Ireland on both covert and overt operations, the Falkland Island conflict (image top right), four tours on the counter terrorist team and was heavily involved as a Blue Team leader as a lance corporal at the 1980 Iranian Embassy siege in London where he was directly involved with the incidents inside the embassy. Follow me on Twitter: Follow me on Instagram: My new book Fighting For My Life: A Prisoner's Story of Redemption is now available! Check it out on the link below: Rusty Firmin: Website: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Sponsor: KR Couriers & Transport LTD Twitter: Facebook:
Last weekend shooting at Bisley
CRHnews - GO! GO! GO! Rusty Firmin SAS hero of Iranian Seige
CRHnews Make Love Not War

CRHnews - GO! GO! GO! Rusty Firmin SAS hero of Iranian Seige

Ex-SAS Sergeant Rusty Firmin, who shot dead a grenade-carrying terrorist during the Iranian Embassy siege, gives a summary of his career as has donates the kit he wore to the Combined Military Services Museum, Maldon. Mr Firmin, author of GO!GO!GO!, an inside story of the 1980 siege involving 55 men from the SAS Regiment, said he was honoured to have his 'hoard' on display for the first time. He has also donated other military kit worn during his time with the mob. "I hoarded a lot of items because they are part of the proud history of the SAS, hoping one day they would be on display to the public. This is a marvellous place for them to be go on show," he said. Mr Firmin was guest of honour at a ceremony to mark the new acquisitions, which was attended by Maldon MP John Whittingdale and Witham MP Priti Patel, as well as dignitaries from Maldon's councils. The ceremony was also attended by senior officers from Colchester Barracks, who are fully supportive. Combined Military Services Museum founder Richard Woodbridge, announced that a proposed two-storey block will house its new special services collection. Already items once used by SAS, SBS and SOE operatives, including knives, revolvers and suitcase radios fill many large glass cabinets, having previously been kept in private collections and hidden from public view. The extension to house "top secret" equipment will boost visitor numbers at the museum already reckoned to have the largest collection of weapons in Europe Mr Woodbridge, of South Woodham Ferrers, said: "We have appointed architects with the intention of creating the largest collection of special services weapons and memorabilia in the country. "It's a very exciting project and we are confident of raising the necessary funds and acquiring much more equipment." He said the new extension will be built, subject to planning approval, in the current car park at the front of the museum, and a new car park will be constructed nearby. # Combined Military Services Museum Station Road Maldon Essex CM9 4LQ Telephone 01621 841826 Open Wednesday to Sunday, Bank Holiday Mondays and every day during school holidays 10.30am to 5pm Last admission 4pm GO!GO!GO! This is a brilliant insight into the siege and the SAS, 8 Jun 2010 , writes David James I bought this book as I really like this genre. The book did not dissapoint at all. I was a little perturbed when I found out the book was only 250pages but it really does make for fast action packed reading. The author sets the scene really well early on but doesn't delve too deeply. Instead we get an overview of who the terrorists are and where they have come from. Then we get a good description of the embassy and the people inside. As you read on you real get a good feel for what the SAS men and the hostages must have been feeling, how terrifying and surreal the whole ordeal must have been. This appears to be a realistic account of what happened and does not say that nothing went wrong and the SAS are immortal beings. Instead we are shown how they are all human and whilst trained for these types of missions so few actually happen (which is a good thing) that it can be difficult to train thoroughly for any and every eventuality. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and thought the pictures and maps were also excellent really adding a good insight and not just there to pad out the book. All in all a very good read and I would recommend to anyone who likes this genre. # Video music is Thaxted and The Endless are Royalty Free works by the talented Kevin MacLeod at:
MUST WATCH! Rusty Firmin (SAS) Interview The Iranian Embassy Siege | Special Air Service
LegaseeWarVeterans UK Armed Forces Veterans

MUST WATCH! Rusty Firmin (SAS) Interview The Iranian Embassy Siege | Special Air Service

MUST WATCH Rusty Firmin SAS Interview about storming the Iranian Embassy. 15 Year SAS ( Special Air Service ) Veteran Rusty Firmin talks openly about the breathtaking moments Rusty ' The Man With No Gloves ' and his six-man Blue Team Back Door Assualt Team Leader entered the Iranian Embassy. CHECK OUT THE TIME STAMP BELOW IN THIS DESCRIPTION. WATCH THE FULL INTERVIEW HERE: SEE MORE SAS INTERVIEWS HERE: DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE TODAY FOR MORE MIND-BLOWING STORIES! Segment from Legasee's incredible hour-long interview with Rusty Firmin of 22 SAS Squadron #UKSF. Hear in intense step-by-step detail of the moment his #22SAS team smashed the windows of the Iranian embassy in London and went about resolving the infamous hostage situation. See more Astonishing interviews here ; See our full archive of interviews from our brave UK Military Veterans and Special Operations executives; The Iranian Embassy siege took place from 30 April to 5 May 1980, after a group of six armed men stormed the Iranian embassy on Prince's Gate in South Kensington, London. The gunmen, Iranian Arabs campaigning for the sovereignty of Khuzestan Province, took 26 people hostage, including embassy staff, several visitors, and a police officer who had been guarding the embassy. They demanded the release of prisoners in Khuzestan and their own safe passage out of the United Kingdom. The British government quickly decided that safe passage would not be granted and a siege ensued. Subsequently, police negotiators secured the release of five hostages in exchange for minor concessions, such as the broadcasting of the hostage-takers' demands on British television. By the sixth day of the siege, the gunmen were increasingly frustrated at the lack of progress in meeting their demands. That evening, they killed a hostage and threw his body out of the embassy. The Special Air Service (SAS), a special forces regiment of the British Army, initiated "Operation Nimrod" to rescue the remaining hostages, abseiling from the roof and forcing entry through the windows. During the 17-minute raid, they rescued all but one of the remaining hostages and killed five of the six hostage-takers. An inquest cleared the SAS of any wrongdoing. The sole remaining gunman served 27 years in British prisons. Why not follow us for more amazing stories and personal accounts. WEBSITE // FACEBOOK // INSTAGRAM // TWITTER // LINKEDIN // YOU CAN VIEW RUSTY FIRMINS YOUTUBE CHANNEL HERE: The Special Air Service (SAS) is a regiment of the British Army and part of the United Kingdom's special forces, originally formed in the Second World War to conduct irregular warfare. Western European governments were prompted to form specialist police and military counter-terrorist units following the Munich massacre at the 1972 Olympic Games, during which a police operation to end a hostage crisis ended in chaos. In the resulting firefight, a police officer, most of the hostage-takers, and all of the hostages were killed. In response, West Germany created GSG 9, which was quickly followed by the French GIGN. Following these examples, the British government, worried that the country was unprepared for a similar crisis in the United Kingdom, ordered the formation of the Counter Revolutionary Warfare (CRW) Wing of the SAS. This became the UK's primary anti-terrorist and anti-hijacking unit. TimeStamps: 00:00 Intro 00:10 SAS Iranian Embassy Documentary 00:22 The Second Floor Was Already Burning 00:48 SAS Iranian Embassy Team - Blue Team 01:11 SAS Clears 56 Rooms Over 6 Levels 02:23 Hostages Started Coming Down The Stairwell 03:09 Terrorist Hides With The Hostages on Stairs 04:46 He Had A Grenade In His Hand #IRANIANEMBASSY #SAS #RUSTYFIRMIN #IRANIANEMBASSYSEIGE #SPECIALAIRSERVICE #22SAS #BLUETEAM #MANWITHNOGLOVES #BRITISHARMY #MOE #SPECIALFORCES #UKSF #SASHEREFORD #SASINTERVIEW

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