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Rusty seen here on the left with no gloves yet again. Security Team Leader for Princess Annes visit to Hereford.

A Motivational Speaker In Leatherhead

Rusty Firmin is a motivational speaker, operational consultant, offers security and firearms training. He is located in Surrey.

Rusty seen here on the left with no gloves yet again. Security Team Leader for Princess Annes visit to Hereford.

Services offered by Rusty Firmin

Rusty Firmin offers different services that he can offer for corporate, business, security, after dinner speeches, please read below how Rusty can help you. Shop now to read Rusty Firmin's published books, special contributions he has made, blog posts and previous work he has completed.

SAS Blue Team leader of the assault to rescue the hostages 5 May 1980 Iranian Embassy Siege.

Motivational Speaker - Keynote Speaker

Commerce and battle are both about achieving goals with scarce resources in a dynamic, often hostile environment. In peace and war, on the battlefield and in the corridors of power, there are lessons in the military experience which can be learnt by commercial companies to increase profitability.
Published author and motivational speaker available for corporate, business, security, after dinner and keynote speeches. There is also a presentation based on the original consultation that was given to the officers at Sandhurst Military Academy after the siege in 1980.
Rusty Firmin brings strong evidence from the SAS of winning formulas in demanding circumstances. His delivery is both passionate and rigorous but underpinned with a strong sense of realism about what challenges businesses face today. Rusty helps leaders and teams to focus and develop essential thinking skills required to manage ever changing situations and cope with threats or crisis.

Rusty on this morning programme letting the SAS loose on ISIS.

Operational Consulting

With extensive human and technical resources; a domestic and international footprint; and the necessary depth of know-how and experience - we are able to support and achieve our clients' objectives in any corner of the world. We provide security services for individuals, domestic facilities, corporations, and provide logistic services worldwide.
We have a wide breadth of operations and maintenance capabilities. We train military, police, and corporate personnel in the latest techniques and force protection strategies including personal weapon handling, off-road vehicular manoeuvring, planning/executing convoy operations, and a full range of requirements from the military and SWAT Teams. Our customers include government agencies; and numerous commercial companies and individuals. We provide security from the front lines in most of the difficult regions of the world and at home in our own backyard.

Security Training

Personalised programs are available to provide the highest levels of specialist security training and analysis to individuals, business and members of the industry. With a proven and referenced track record in providing the very best in specialist security, instruction is available worldwide. Security has now become a necessity of modern business and personal safety - contact us for more information on the training and risk/threat analysis packages to suit your individual needs.

Founder of the SAS David Stirling and hardcore SAS troopers seen here ready to cause havoc in the desert during the 2nd world war.

Founder of the SAS David Stirling and hardcore SAS troopers seen here ready to cause havoc in the desert during the 2nd world war.

Firearms Training

Improve individual confidence, accuracy, and skill, enhancing the enjoyment of shooting full bore firearms regardless of any previous shooting experience.
The training and practical experience ensures that whilst shooting, you are in safe, experienced and qualified hands. Your shooting and firearms skills will be expertly guided and improved by a former SAS Close Quarter Battle shooting instructor. With experience from active service in many different conflicts around the world, we pass on experience from a very practical, tried and tested background using variety of weapon systems. The ultimate firearms training and shooting experience.

Rusty and Max Vernon on GMB with Piers Morgan.

Personal Appearances

Available for advertising or PR campaigns, product launches, shop/office openings and corporate events. Submit your request for consideration to endorse an event, company or product.
Available worldwide, the 'Iranian Siege Presentation' begins with film footage dedicated to members of the 22 SAS assault team, including Rusty Firmin, John McAleese, Pete Winner and Tommy Palmer. The video is a mixture of live television footage and expert commentary that sets the scene for people who are old enough to remember the siege and for younger people unfamiliar with this pivotal moment in SAS and counter-terrorist operations.

Rusty and Max Vernon on GMB with Piers Morgan.

Firearms training
Motivational speaker

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